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Success Stories

  • Cost Segregation Study Produces Significant Client Tax Savings

    The purpose of a cost segregation study is to take an asset that is being inappropriately depreciated over a longer asset life, reclassify into a shorter, more accelerated asset life, and catch up on missed depreciation deductions. This is considered a change in accounting method and the rules relating to this change allow you to […]

  • Construction Company Tax Savings

    “Keiter has served our construction and engineering company for over nine years with auditing, tax and consulting services. Their insight into the construction industry has allowed us to take advantage of a number of special tax savings afforded to us. Their staff is unmatched in their professionalism and expertise.” Mason Chapman, CFO C.W. Wright Construction […]

  • Development of a Family’s Land Holdings

    Our involvement from the beginning enabled our client to preserve capital gain treatment. We structured the transaction to capture all appreciation as capital gains while minimizing the development profits taxed at ordinary rates. Overall tax savings were in excess of $1 million.